Tg1: Euleria Health in the Italian national news

Review the video of the report that TG1 Economia devoted to our rehabilitation and telerehabilitation solutions.

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Tg1: Euleria HealthTG1 Economia talks about startups, and all those emerging enterprises in the field of Technological Innovation. The RAI film crew came to visit us at our headquarters in Rovereto, TN:

In some cases, startups encourage growth, create wealth and perhaps revolutionize daily habits, including rehabilitation after an injury, as our correspondent in Rovereto in the province of Trento, Chiara Romanello, tells us.

Paola Cervelli · TG1 Economia
Euleria Health at the microphones of TG1 Economia | 27.01.2023

“How did the idea of producing medical devices for rehabilitation and telerehabilitation come about?”

For as long as I can remember, my numerous sports-related injuries have prompted me to seek exercise-therapy solutions that were motivating and interactive. So I created a work team, and with it I came across the needs of other rehabilitation patients, only to find that they were not so different from my own. In addition, working with rehabilitation professionals (Physiatrists and Physiotherapists first and foremost) has suggested to us how to respond to their needs as well: from a rehabilitation device they demand accuracy, speed, new working methods, and the ability to handle multiple patients simultaneously.

David Tacconi · CEO di Euleria Health ·  TG1 Economia

“The startup and scaleup sector in 2022 in Italy attracted investments of more than 2 billion euros. What is your experience?”

We worked from day one so that each of our devices would enable rehabilitation professionals to monitor patient outcomes in real time, both in the rehabilitation center and remotely: this is why we have been able to place our solutions as much in private clinics as in public hospitals, in Italy and abroad. To date, we have doubled turnover each year, approaching 1 million euros in 2022, with a target for 2023 of more than 2 million euros.

Marta Galeotti – COO of Euleria Health – TG1 Economia

In Italy, Euleria Health’s ambition is also to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the PNRR dedicated funds for telerehabilitation. And this is a big opportunity, for a team that has managed to grow in a short time but especially for Italian healthcare, which is crying out for effective and innovative solutions for patients.

Chiara Romanello · TG1 Economia

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