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euleria home is a class 2a certified medical software (MDR 2017/745) that accompanies the patient throughout the rehabilitation process at home through exercise-therapy programmes tailor-made by their practitioner.

euleria home covers the following fields:

  • motor, with inertial sensor for motion control
  • respiratory, with pulse oximeter for monitoring oxygen saturation
  • cardiac with a wearable bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • cognitive, with dedicated exercises

The practitioner remotely monitors progress and always stays in touch with the patient thanks to the integrated chat and video call functions.

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rehabilitation with euleria home

motor rehabilitation

euleria home includes an extensive library of exercises for the lower and upper limbs, the spine andfunctional balance to the different working areas including the coordination, strength, mobility, proprioception,muscle stretching, posture and the transfer of loads.

Video guidance of the exercise and real-time audio-visual biofeedback of the movement recorded by the sensoraccompany the patient in the correct execution of the assigned exercise.

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cardiological rehabilitation

Aerobic exercises with heart rate monitoring and quality of movement execution thanks to the inertial sensor.

The rehabilitation programme, created ad hoc by the professional, is administered in the form of exercises that follow one after the other with the aim of maintaining the patient’s heart rate within a specific range between a minimum and a maximum threshold identified by the professional.

respiratory rehabilitation

Indoor aerobic exercise training on an exercise bike, treadmill or cycle ergometer with monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter.

euleria home guides the patient through each phase of the training, from the positioning of the pulse oximeter to the start of the aerobic activity, and modulates the training intensity on the basis of the effort perceived by the patient.

It also alerts the patient if heart rate and saturation values exceed alarm thresholds, interrupting the exercise if necessary.

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cognitive rehabilitation

The cognitive module of euleria home, called Neurotablet, offers exercises for attention, memory, perception, executive functions, language and a specific set for neglect.

The exercises automatically adapt to the patient’s performance, providing training of an intensity that is always optimal for any cognitive condition.

video calls and chats

Thanks to euleria home, patients can receive video calls from their practitioner to carry out synchronised rehabilitation sessions in full compliance with personal data security and privacy regulations (GDPR – Regulation 2016/679).

In addition, via the euleria mylink smartphone app, patients can chat with their practitioner, share multimedia files (such as medical reports) and carry out their assigned exercise plan without using the motion sensor.

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euleria link

euleria link is the cloud-based web management system through which the professional can:

  • manage patients’ personal data in full compliance with current privacy and data security regulations (GDPR)
  • create and customise exercise sessions
  • check the results of the rehab pathway by generating automatic reports available in pdf and csv format
  • maintain contact with their patients via chat, video calls, questionnaires, rehabilitation suggestions thanks to the euleria mylink app
  • have a single point of access to all euleria solutions

euleria mylink

euleria mylink is the smartphone app (iOS and Android) that digitises and modernises the connection between patient and practitioner through every stage of the recovery process.

It allows the patient to chat with the practitioner, answer their video calls, complete validated clinical questionnaires and share multimedia files in complete security.

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euleria home comes with:

dedicated tablet preinstalled app

motion sensor and band kit

pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation

heart rate monitor to measure heart rate

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euleria home is:

at patients’ fingertips

euleria home is specifically designed for remote rehabilitation. The patient simply follows the instructions provided by the app, puts on the necessary accessories and starts exercising, with constant monitoring by the movement professional.

extremely motivating

euleria home uses the concept of real-time biofeedback to simplify the execution of exercises and the completion of the session, motivating the patient with a gamification mechanism based on scores, badges and rewards.


euleria home has an extensive library of specific exercises for orthopaedics (knee and hip replacements, ACL reconstruction, ankle-foot injuries, shoulder and elbow fractures…), neurology (Parkinson’s, post-stroke, multiple sclerosis…), cardio-respiratory and sports.


Through a cloud-based web-based management system, practitioners structure and update customised exercise-therapy programmes for their patients, and monitor their results and progress remotely and at any time.

safe for sensitive data

In addition to the patient’s clinical data, the contents of video calls and chats that take place in the euleria home are also stored in a protected environment and only accessible to the practitioner.

easily customizable

Before starting the training session, euleria home reminds the patient which tools are needed to carry out the exercises and suggests any alternative objects or spare exercises.

fields of application of euleria home


euleria home is particularly effective for orthopaedic, neurological, cardio-respiratory and sports rehabilitation patients.


euleria home is also a suitable solution for working on prevention and maintenance.

corporate welfare

euleria home also offers controlled and engaging programmes to companies interested in offering corporate wellness solutions to their resources.

euleria home is perfect for:

continuing rehabilitation

For patients able to continue their rehabilitation at home, euleria home allows professionals to set up an exercise-therapy pathway and constantly monitor the results.

prevention of falls and illness

Research has shown for many years now how a proper exercise-therapy program can have a positive effect on balance-related problems and fall risk, as well as on the prevention of numerous diseases.

recover from sports injuries

In addition to remotely following the rehabilitation path of your centre’s patients, euleria home proposes controlled and engaging programmes to athletes and sportsmen and women who need to recover their athletic performance.

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