the medical device that revolutionizes movement

Riablo is a CE Class 1/m medical device that supports movement professionals in their work of all days with patients.

Transform the approach to rehabilitative and preventive exercises, measuring movements, motivating the patient and providing accurate and objective data to professionals

Thanks to the most accurate wearable motion sensors available on the market, a stabilometric platform and a software designed according to the latest user experience techniques, riablo allows the patient to perform the exercises in a motivated and correct way, and for the professional to obtain objective data throughout the rehabilitation/training process.

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rehabilitation with riablo


A library of more than 350 available exercises and a variety of user solutions make riablo a versatile and highly customizable device based on the patient’s condition and the clinical parameters the practitioner intends to evaluate and monitor.

Each individual exercise is offered with real-time visual-auditory biofeedback that enhances neural plasticity and promotes the restoration of motor patterns.

The exergame mode motivates the patient, improving compliance throughout the rehabilitation pathway.



riablo allows for simple assessments of high clinical value.
practitioner can assess active and passive R.O.M. of:

  • ankle
  • knee
  • hip
  • spine
  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • cervical spine

It also allows for the analysis of:

  • balance
  • risk of falling
  • walk
  • lower limb performance
  • return to play after LCA reconstruction


Once an exercise or assessment is completed all results are automatically processed by the software and made available as intuitive reports.

The riablo reports are very useful for objectifying and keeping track of the pathway performed by the patient, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, with the possibility of viewing comparisons between groups of patients and/or between exercises of the same patient.


riablo is:


At the beginning of the course, the goal to be achieved is determined: you can choose between mobility, balance, strength or functional. In addition, riablo allows the exercise-therapy course to be reprogrammed at any time.

valuable to your center

Successfully used by hundreds of clinics in Italy and Europe, riablo increases the efficiency of the rehabilitation pathway and greatly enhances the value of the services of the center that equips itself with it.

highly customizable

Once the program is created, each exercise can be extremely customized by going into detail about the parameters of joint range, load distribution and tolerance in identifying compensations.

simple to use

Exercises can be combined in sequences specific to the clinical indications being treated, so that the integration of technology within the center’s daily practice is simplified and expedited.

innovative and motivating

The exergame mode with which the exercises are proposed motivates the patient throughout the pathway, improving treatment compliance. The professional can choose from several graphical interfaces available.

effective and versatile

With a library of more than 350 exercises, built with 130 basic movements to cover all body districts, riablo is successfully used by patients of different indications and ages.

riablo is used in:

orthopedic field

Suitable for orthopedic patients, riablo began its journey with precisely these types of individuals, who need to recover after prostheses such as hip or knee replacement.

neurological field

These types of patients benefit from the use of riablo mainly because of audio-visual biofeedback, which enhances neuroplasticity and promotes reorganization of neural networks.

sporting field

Riablo has a specific module for athletes return to sport following lower extremity injury; also suitable for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

riablo is perfect for:

spinal injuries

One of riablo’s most striking results was achieved by flanking traditional physiotherapy in the recovery of a severe spinal cord injury.

fall prevention

Research has shown for many years now how proper exercise can have an effect on balance-related problems. With riablo today it is easier.

sports injuries

Athletes can also benefit from the use of riablo, due to facilitated recovery after ACL injury and knee or ankle problems.

shoulder trauma

Chronic shoulder and upper extremity trauma can become a serious problem in the long run; with riablo, targeted exercises can be performed for these indications.


In adulthood it is difficult to realize bad habits maintained for years. With riablo, it is possible to act on these districts to improve and relieve pain resulting from musculoskeletal disorders.

age of development

From a young age, the use of riablo enables healthy growth by providing advice on exercises that can also be useful in outdoor activities.

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riablo comes with:

A Physical Therapist is monitoring a patient's walk using Euleria Health's devices.

Laptop with software for
exercises and evaluations


Inertial sensor set for motion measurement


Sensorized footboard
stable and unstable

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