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Luca Buzzacchera

FisioBlu, Zanè (VI)


A sports enthusiast, sportsman, and physiotherapist for the Italian national ski, rugby, and tennis teams, Luca Buzzacchera specializes in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological conditions, with special focus on disabilities and geriatric age.

An expert in massage therapy treatments, manual reeducation, and joint manipulation, Luca has obtained Master’s degrees in Osteopathy, Sports Physiotherapy, and Neurological Physiotherapy and has pioneered various rehabilitation methodologies to support spinal cord and spinal cord injuries.

At Fisioblu, Luca and his team also practice post-covid rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, tissue regeneration, and global postural rehabilitation.

Matteo Barbierato

Rieducational, Alexandria (AL)

Doctor of Motor Sciences.

A kinesiologist and athletic trainer with a focus on basketball, Matteo Barbierato specializes in postphysiotherapy motor rehabilitation and is an expert in preventive and adapted physical activity practices.

In RieducationAL, Matteo and his staff also offer postural assessment, massage therapy, and instrumental therapy services.

Gianluca Costa

Chinelab, Saluzzo (CN)

Doctor of Motor Sciences.

A professional kinesiologist, a certified osteopath and a specialist in biomechanics, Gianluca Costa is GSS (Group for the Study of Scoliosis and Spinal Pathologies) member and operator specializing in the application of elastic taping.

A FIFA Football Medicine graduate, Gianluca has an International Master’s degree in Functional Re habilitation and Re-education in Sport.

Claudio Centrone

Physiolab, Monopoli (BA)

Doctor of Motor Sciences.

A sports science and technology major and basketball coach, Claudio Centrone performs motor assessments at all steps of the exercise-therapy pathway.

A motor rehabilitator and athletic trainer, in Fisiolab Claudio is constantly experimenting with new technologies and training methodologies aimed at increasing performance.

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