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the heart of the whole euleria experience

euleria link  is the euleria solution management system dedicated to the practitioner that enables the timely and objective planning and monitoring of all patient activities.

Master data, scheduling and personalisation of exercises, monitoring, chats, video calls, alertsnotifications, reports and much more, from the comfort of your own PC or dedicated workstation.

the entire euleria ecosystem connected

euleria link makes it possible to manage all euleria solutions from a convenient web portal that connects to the entire euleria ecosystem.

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euleria link

euleria home

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features of euleria link

patient registry

euleria link allows you to register patient records and update them with clinical data, notes and media files in full compliance with current data security and privacy regulations (GDPR – Regulation 2016/679).

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programme creation and customisation

With euleria link it is possible to plan and assign exercise programmes to be performed both in the clinic, with the euleria lab and euleria move solutions, and at home with the euleria home and euleria mylink solutions.

The available exercise database is continuously expanding and allows the creation of protocols for multiple application domains: orthopaedic, neurological, silver age, sports and cardiology.

Each exercise is highly customisable by the practitioner to suit the needs of the individual patient.

results monitoring

All results of activities performed with euleria solutions, from the clinic to the home, are collected and made immediately available on euleria link.

Details of individual activities (exercises, evaluations, questionnaires and clinical scales, video calls and chats) are visible on the patient’s tab, allowing objective and timely monitoring of the progress over time.

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questionnaires and clinical scales

With euleria link, the practitioner can send questionnaires and clinical validated scales to patients, recording and archiving all responses in a convenient dedicated section always available in the patient history.

video calls and chats

From euleria link the practitioner schedules and executes video calls with patients during which they can record video footage and take notes that are stored in the patient’s history.

Moreover, thanks to the integrated chat, they stay in touch with patients who have downloaded euleria mylink on their smartphones.

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Each activity performed with euleria’s solutions generates a comprehensive and easy-to-read pdf report for both practitioner and patient.

The report summarises the general information of the activity performed, the details of the results recorded and, when necessary, the distance from the normative data.

Thanks to euleria link, the practitioner also has the possibility of generating reports comparing the patient’s results over time or comparing them with those of other patients or groups of patients.

euleria control station

the dedicated workstation to follow patients remotely

euleria control station is the all in one solution designed by euleria to enable professionals to have in one place everything they need to manage and follow patients remotely.

A dedicated PC, two monitors mounted on a practical space-saving arm, webcams, headset and microphone allow for real-time remote management and monitoring of patients, making televisits, timely evaluations and following patients during training.

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