euleria gym

digitises and streamlines the rehabilitation gym

euleria gym is a class 2a certified medical software (MDR 2017/745)* that increases the quality and efficiency of the rehabilitation session.

A simple and extremely portable solution that allows you to digitise your standard rehabilitation gym equipment and to work with multiple patients at the same time.

*The device, currently certified as euleria xclinic, is being certified under the name euleria gym.

Thanks to the interaction with two wearable inertial sensors, euleria gym guides patients and professionals in performing more than 100 exerciseswith biofeedback and R.O.M. assessments.

The real-time audio-visual biofeedback makes patients more aware of their movement and helps them perform the exercises correctly, avoiding compensations.

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rehabilitation with euleria gym

biofeedback exercises

With a library of +100 exercises, euleria gym trains all body districts and allows you to work on different rehabilitation goals.

In addition to the free-body activities, the available database allows for specific exercises on the rehabilitation gym equipment, such as the couch, wall bars, mirror, parallel bars and stairs.

Multi-kit management allows the movement practitioner to work with several patients at the same time: this increases your team’s efficiency.

Real-time audio-visual biofeedback

Video movement guidance and real-time audio-visual feedback from euleria gym guide the patient in the correct execution of the exercise.

In this way, your patients stay motivated during the entire exercise, while you get objective data at the end of each rehabilitation session.

what an efficient gym!

Thanks to the multi-kit mode, your patients can wear the sensors and gym independentlyfrom one workstation to the next, following the specific sequence you set for them.

This feature allows you to increase the number of patients you can follow at the same time.

Link 1

euleria link

euleria link is the cloud-based web management system through which the professional can:

  • manage patients’ personal data in full compliance with current privacy and data security regulations (GDPR)
  • create and customise exercise sessions
  • check the results of exercises and evaluations by generating automatic reports available in pdf and csv format
  • stay in touch with their patients even at home through chats, video calls, questionnaires, home exercises and rehabilitation pathway suggestions thanks to the app  euleria mylink 
  • Have a single point of access to all euleria health solutions

euleria mylink

euleria mylink is the smartphone app (iOS and Android) that digitizes e modernizes the connection between the patient and the professional at all stages of the recovery journey.

It allows the patient to chat with the professional, respond to his or her video calls, fill out questionnaires clinical validated and share files multimedia in complete security.

Euleria home 2

euleria gym comes with:

tablet euleria gym

Specific tablet with built-in software

sensore euleria gym

Inertial sensors to measure   movements

euleria gym band sensors

Elastic bands for
all body districts

euleria gym is also perfect for:

assessing the ROM

evaluating patients’ Range Of Motion of ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joints.

assessing balance

evaluating stable or unstable + monopodalic or bipodalic balance. The movement professional get the track analysis and COM parameters.

detect motion compensation

during the exercises‘ execution, by providing the patient with simple and intuitive alerts in real time.

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euleria gym is:


As a movement practitioner, you can customise each individual exercise down to the details of the duration of the eccentric and concentric phases.


Real-time audio-visual biofeedback motivates the patient while performing the exercises by increasing compliance.


The euleria gym tablet can be paired with the lounger, backboard, parallel bars, mirror and stairs thanks to a handy stand.

safe for sensitive data

thanks to the cloud web management accessible from any PC and compliant with current regulations in terms of data security and privacy (GDPR 2016/679).


euleria gym is used in:

orthopedical recovery

for healing after prosthetic surgery or after musculoskeletal trauma to the lower and upper limbs.

neurological field

to enhance neuro-plasticity through audio-visual biofeedback.

sports performance

both for rehabilitation and to improve athletic performance and prevent injuries.

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