euleria lab

a portable biomechanics laboratory

euleria lab is a class 2a (MDR 2017/745) certified medical software that supports movement professionals in their everyday practice with their patients.

A portable biomechanics laboratory that guarantees maximum measurement accuracy and a tailor-made approach to patient rehabilitation.

By interacting with the most accurate wearable inertial sensors available on the market, sensorised boards and a dynamometer, euleria lab enables the patient to perform the exercises in a motivated and accurate manner, and the practitioner to obtain objective data all along the way.

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rehabilitation with euleria lab

euleria lab pro


A library of over 350 exercises and multiple potential aproaches, make euleria lab a versatile and highly customisable device based on the patient’s condition and the clinical parameters the practitioner wishes to assess and monitor.

Each individual exercise is offered with real-time visual-auditory biofeedback that enhances neural plasticity and promotes the restoration of motor patterns.

The exergame mode motivates the patient, improving compliance throughout the rehabilitation pathway.

Euleria lab 30
Euleria lab 10

euleria lab pro


euleria lab allows for simple evaluations of high clinical value
. The practitioner can evaluate active and passive ROM of:

  • ankle
  • knee
  • hip
  • spine
  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • cervical spine

It also allows balance assessments with COP and COM measurement.

euleria lab pro


Using a bluetooth dynamometer, euleria lab allows you to assessmaximum muscle strength in the following areas:

  • Cervical
  • Thoracic
  • Core
  • Hand
  • Thigh
  • Scapular girdle
  • Arm
  • Forearm
  • Leg
  • Foot 

euleria lab gait

euleria lab gait is designed for gait analysis and fall risk assessment in the elderly.

The gait analysis provides an accurate estimation of spatio-temporal parameters and is carried out using two inertial sensors placed on the top of both feet and an algorithm developed in collaboration with Sapienza University.

The Fall Risk Predictor (FRP) consists of a battery of 5 scientifically validated tests to assess the patient in terms of balance, strength and mobility and provide a static and dynamic fall risk index based on comparison with normative data.

Euleria lab 31
Euleria lab 26

euleria lab performance

euleria lab performance is medical software that enables a battery of tests to objectively assess the performance of the lower limbs in terms of balance, strength, agility and speed.

Developed in cooperation with Dr. Fink and the University of Innsbruck, it offers a scientifically validated indicator for return to play after LCA reconstruction based on a comparison with normative data by gender and age group.

In addition to the test battery, euleria lab performance offers sections specific to proprioception and jumping training.

euleria link

euleria link is the cloud-based web management system through which the professional can:

  • manage patients’ personal data in full compliance with current privacy and data security regulations (GDPR)
  • create and customise exercise sessions
  • check the results of exercises and evaluations by generating automatic reports available in pdf and csv format
  • connect with their patients at home via chat, video calls, questionnaires, home exercises and rehabilitation suggestions thanks to the euleria mylink app
  • have a single point of access to all euleria solutions
Link paz_ENG
Euleria home 2

euleria mylink

euleria mylink is the smartphone app (iOS and Android) that digitises and modernises the connection between patient and practitioner through every stage of the recovery process.

It allows the patient to chat with the practitioner, answer their video calls, complete validated clinical questionnaires and share multimedia files in complete security.

accessories from euleria lab:

Euleria lab 27

Stabilometric board
with a stable or unstable support


for strength assessments

A Physical Therapist is monitoring a patient's walk using Euleria Health's devices.

Customized laptop

euleria lab

Euleria lab 25

Obstacle Kits
for the performance module

Euleria lab 8

Inertial sensor set for
measuring movements

Proprioceptive board
for the preformance module

A Physical Therapist is monitoring a patient's walk using Euleria Health's devices.

Laptop with software for
exercises and evaluations

Euleria lab 8

Inertial sensor set for
measuring movements

Euleria lab 27

Sensorized footboard
with a stable or unstable support


for strength assessments

Proprioceptive board
for the preformance module

Euleria lab 25

Obstacle Kits
for the performance module

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euleria lab is:


At the beginning of the course, the goal to be achieved is determined: you can choose between mobility, balance, strength or functional. In addition, euleria lab allows the exercise-therapy course to be reprogrammed at any time.

valuable to your center

Successfully used by hundreds of clinics in Italy and Europe, euleria lab increases the efficiency of the rehabilitation pathway and greatly enhances the value of the centre’s services.

highly customizable

Once the program is created, each exercise can be extremely customized by going into detail about the parameters of joint range, load distribution and tolerance in identifying compensations.

simple to use

Exercises can be combined in sequences specific to the clinical indications being treated, so that the integration of technology within the center’s daily practice is simplified and expedited.

innovative and motivating

The exergame mode with which the exercises are proposed motivates the patient throughout the rehabilitation pathway, improving treatment compliance. The professional can choose from several graphical interfaces available.

effective and versatile

Thanks to a library of more than 350 exercises with 130 basic movements covering all body districts, euleria lab is successfully used by patients of different indications and ages.

euleria lab is used in:

orthopedical recovery

Suitable for orthopaedic patients, euleria lab began its journey with precisely this focus: people who needed to recover after prostheses such as hip or knee replacements.

neurological field

This type of patient benefits from the use of euleria lab mainly due to audio-visual biofeedback that enhances neuroplasticity and promotes the reorganisation of neural networks.

sports performance

euleria lab has a specific module for athletes returning to sport following a lower limb injury; also suitable for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

euleria lab is perfect for:

spinal injuries

One of the most astonishing results euleria lab has achieved was complementing traditional physiotherapy in the recovery of a severe spinal injury.

fall prevention

Research has shown for many years now how proper exercise can have an effect on balance-related problems. Euleria lab empowers these types of trainings.

sports injuries

Sportsmen and women can also benefit from the use of euleria lab, thanks to facilitated recovery after ACL injuries and knee or ankle problems.

shoulder trauma

Chronic shoulder and upper limb injuries can become a serious problem in the long run; with euleria lab, targeted exercises can be performed for these conditions.


In adulthood it is difficult to realize bad habits maintained for years. With euleria lab it is possible to act on these areas to improve and alleviate pain resulting from musculoskeletal disorders.

age of development

From a young age, the use of euleria lab enables healthy growth through advice on exercises that can also be useful in outdoor activities.

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