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Our Scientific Board meeting happens once per quarter. During these sessions, all the members advise our management about new trends in healthcare, digital terapeutics and rehabilitation; at the same time, we all ensure that Euleria Health’s ecosystem owns the needed clinical evidence and the right clinical research‘s direction.

Making rehabilitation accessible and measurable requires continuous study and practice.

In this way only, technological innovation can truly improve patients’, athletes’ and movement professionals’ lives.

Our Scientific Board works with us every day to help us perfect our methods. Do you know them? Here they are:

Scientific Board

Christian Fink
Prof. MD
orthopaedic surgeon
Giovanni Morone
Prof. MD
Carmen V. Den Hoven
Wayne Diesel
Salvatore Calabrò

From rehabilitation methods to exercise-therapy’s best practices, here below you can scroll through some images from the first 2023 meeting of Euleria Health’s Scientific Board, held on 17 and 18 March at our headquarters in Rovereto:

EH’s devices are designed to accompany professionals and patients every step of the rehabilitation journey.

Scientific research

As a Benefit Company, we believe that technological innovation can and should have an improving impact in the lives of patients and the work of professionals. Above all, we believe in continuous scientific research in order to make certified, GDPR compliant and clinically validated medical devices.

That’s why we cooperate with renowned research institutes and universities, such as:

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