kari konnect

the app to experience kari
even on mobile

At home, away, on vacation: with kari konnect, kari’s android and iPhone app, patients can continue their exercise-therapy journey even from mobile.

Usable either in place of or in addition to kari, the kari konnect app allows patients to perform entire sessions or parts of them without the sensor, while remaining in contact with the paractitioner at all times.

The whole kari experience, now also on smartphones

follow patients remotely

Thanks to the videoguide, training with kari konnect is easy and motivating; the patient communicates with the practitioner through the integrated chat, reports any difficulties or pain experienced during the exercises, and responds to video calls directly from the smartphone.

A patient is using Kari Konnect by Euleria Health for her remotely monitored exercise-therapy path.

Customized training plans


Integrated chat, for a direct line to patients


Time and progress always under control

Simple for patients, convenient for you

Choose which patients to remotely assign the exercise-therapy pathway to, configure their exercise plan on your web-based management system, and constantly monitor their progress: with kari konnect, telerehabilitation has never been easier.


sensitive data? we keep them safe

Referrals, disclosures, clinical questions? They can be shared securely with kari konnect, thanks to the secure data collection system that protects sensitive patient and professional information and stores it in a cloud with restricted access, in full compliance with European standards protecting user data (GDPR– Regulation 2016/679).

familiar with kari?

kari is the CE class 1/m medical device, ideal for simple and accessible telerehabilitation.

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