euleria care

the center teaching you how to take care of yourself

Euleria Care is the rehabilitation, recovery and functional rehabilitation center of Euleria Health.

Thanks to Euleria Health’s innovative technologies and our team of Orthopedists, Physiotherapists, and Doctors of Exercise Science, you can start motivating and interactive exercise-therapy pathways right away, alternating recovery sessions in the rehabilitation center with telerehabilitation sessions from your home.

Among the indications covered

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  • post-prosthesis 
  • lower limb injuries
  • upper limb injuries
  • back pain 
euleria care centro riabilitazione


  • post-stroke
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s
  • neurodegenerative diseases
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  • sarcopenia
  • balance disorders
  • prevention
  • osteoporosis
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  • reathletization
  • injury prevention
  • performance improvement

the professionals of euleria care

Daniele Lamberti

MD Surgeon
Chief medical officer

Alberto Alberti

Head of Rehabilitation Team

Matteo Castelli

Rehabilitation Team

Sara Zenatti

Ph.D. | Movement Science Rehabilitation Team

Chiara Marra

Ph.D. | Movement Science Rehabilitation Team

where we are

You can find us in Rovereto (TN), at Via delle Zigherane 4/AProgetto Manifattura,
access bycar from Viale della Vittoria 102/A.
Parking, free of charge, is next to the entrance.

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