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Measure and improve movement

Measurable Exercise-Therapy

Exercise-therapy is one of the best medicines for patients needing to face a rehabilitation process, for it to be effective, however, it must be goal-oriented and measurable.

We help movement professionals to help their patients.

We designed Euleria Riablo precisely to make exercise-therapy accessible and effective, thanks to its cutting-edge biofeedback technology.

Riablo is a class 1/m CE certified medical device.

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Supporting Professionals

Riablo is a medical device created to support professionals in their daily work in the rehabilitation centers and to make measurable the patients’ exercise-therapy path.

Laptop with dedicated sofwtare

Kit of inertial sensors to measure movements

Pressure Board with unstable support

Neuromotor reprogramming with exercise-therapy.

How does Euleria Riablo work?

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At the beginning of the path, the professional can choose the goal to be reached between recovery (mobility, balance, strength, functional) or reprogramming, and can choose what are the key moments when it is necessary to evaluate it.

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Using Euleria Riablo is very simple: the professional has a rich library of preset exercises at his disposal to draw on to create work programs suitable for each patient or group of patients.

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The library has over 350 exercises, built with 130 basic movements that allow to cover all body areas.

Exercises are foreseen for: lower limbs (single-joint for ankle, hip, knee, muscle like squats, lunges and bridge); upper limbs (unilateral and bilateral); back / spine mobility; to restore basic functions, such as walking or balance; core stability.

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All movements can be performed in “repetitions” by deciding the time of the single repetition; in “isometry”, setting the maintenance and rest time; in “mobility”, moving within a range of angles pre-established.

Once the program is created, each exercise can then be customized according to different aspects, including: level of difficulty, duration, recovery times, severity in detecting compensations.

For what conditions do we recommend it?

Euleria Riablo is successfully used by patients of all ages and in the most varied clinical conditions.

It experienced high levels of efficiency particularly with patients who presented.

Results from orthopedic surgery such as hip or knee prosthesis.

Neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, ataxia.

Vestibular rehabilitation and fall prevention.

Results from sports injuries such as injury to the anterior cruciate, knee or ankle problems.

Variable spinal injuries.

Results from trauma or chronic problems at the shoulder and upper limb.

Rehabilitation for low back pain and spine problems in adulthood.

Rehabilitation for spinal problems in developmental age.

And much more: treatment of stuttering, cardiovascular disease, amputee patients and sports performance.

More than 200 clinics have already chosen us

The Euleria Riablo method is clinically patented, validated and successfully used by hundreds of clinics in Europe and allows to create an innovative and motivating experience for the patient during the rehabilitation exercise, increasing the efficiency of the rehabilitation process and significantly increasing the value of the center that is equipped with this new device.

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