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Remote rehabilitation, easy and accessible

A More Accessible Rehabilitation

To cope with recovery from accidents or interventions, the professional often has to prepare and study long rehabilitation paths. Some of these will be performed in the clinic and some at home.

Many studies have shown that the exercises performed independently and consistently also at home lead to improved quality and speed of recovery.

Euleria Kari was created precisely to help patients complete rehabilitation programs even remotely, maintaining the monitoring of the rehabilitation professional, ensuring continuity with the rehabilitation path in the clinic.

Kari is a class 1/m CE certified medical device produced by CoRehab and distributed worldwide exclusively by Euleria.

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What Euleria Kari is?

Euleria Kari is a service designed to follow rehabilitation patients both in the clinic and at home.

It consists of a wearable sensor to measure the patient’s movements, a dedicated app for the patient, and a web management system for the physiotherapist.

Wearable inertial sensor

Tablet with app pre-installed

Easy, accessible and measurable remote rehabilitation.

Euleria Kari makes rehabilitation simple and motivating thanks to web-based management software allowing the professional to plan the exercises and monitor remotely the patient.

The sensor is worn on different body segments to monitor movements and provides real-time feedback on angles, balance, and repetitions.

The patient just has to follow the in-app’s instructions on the tablet to be guided step by step in performing the exercises, with the professional who monitors the results comfortably from the web management software.

Each path must be designed ad-hoc by the professional based on the patient’s condition.

Once the path has been created, Kari uses biofeedback technology and integration with the sensor to simplify the execution of the exercises and the completion of the session, motivating the patient with an effective gamification mechanism (scores, badges, and prizes).

How does Euleria Kari work?

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Kari is designed to break down all technological barriers and make remote rehabilitation accessible to everyone. No initial configuration required, the product is ready for use and the patient only has to worry about following the instructions to start doing the exercises.

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The database of exercises contains over 200 exercises and continues to grow. The Euleria staff never stops to enrich the database of exercises by following the suggestions and requests of professionals from all over the world.

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The Kari web management software allows the professional to plan exercise therapy sessions, personalizing the exercises, checking the results, and thus following all patients from a single secure cloud space. It takes just a few minutes every day to manage all patients who are continuing home therapy with Kari.

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Kari allows professionals to schedule video calls with patients directly from the personal area within the platform.
The patient will be able to manage notifications in comfort and receive messages and video calls on their tablet.

For what conditions we recommend it?

Kari is particularly effective for rehabilitation after knee and hip replacements, but also for ACL reconstruction or serious injuries related to the ankle-foot joint complex.

For each type of rehabilitation, we have preset specific paths with more than 150 different exercises implemented in collaboration with important European research centers.

Orthopedic rehab

Suitable for orthopedic patients with short hospital stays (such as fast-track surgery), Kari is designed to accompany patients who need rehabilitation after hip and knee replacements (THR, TKR).

Fall prevention

Research has for many years shown how to correct exercise can alleviate and sometimes eliminate vestibular problems related to balance. Kari offers a series of exercises to improve balance, strength, and mobility.

Sports injuries

Many sporting problems (trauma to the knee or ankle) can be overcome only with constant and controlled exercise. Kari responds to the need of these patients with recovery programs designed specifically for them.

Even for companies…

Corporate wellness is now a consolidated reality, and it is a well-known fact that by promoting physical exercise, company employees improve performance. Kari offers controlled and engaging programs to improve also in the company.

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Telerehabilitation for patients

For patients who want to continue rehabilitation at home, Euleria has created telerehab, an online portal where patients find their expert and can be followed at home thanks to Kari.

Euleria Kari

Euleria Telerehab

Euleria sends a Kari kit to the patient’s home and the expert prepares the exercises for all the necessary sessions, checking on Kari’s web management software what the patient has done at home.