Remote rehabilitation, easy and accessible

An easier and more accessible rehabilitation

Kari is a CE class 1 / m medical device that allows Physiotherapists and Sport Professionals to remotely configure and monitor exercise-therapy paths for their patients.

The Kari kit for patients consists of one wearable sensor and an app installed on a tablet that guides the patient through the customized exercise-therapy path configured by the professional. The professional remotely monitors the progress of the pathway and stays in touch with the patient thanks to the integrated chat and video call functions. 

Kari is a CE class 1 / m medical device

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How is rehabilitation with Kari

Easy to plan and monitored

Via a cloud-based web management system with personal access and choosing among hundreds of available exercises, the professional administers customized exercise-therapy paths to his patients and monitors, remotely and at all times, their results and progress.

Smart and accessible

The sensor is worn on different body segments to monitor movements and provides real-time feedback on angles, balance, and repetitions. Once the sensor is worn, the patient just needs to start the app from the tablet and start exercising by following the video-guide and biofeedback visible on the tablet screen. 

Supporting and safe

With Kari, the patient always feels supported by their practitioner throughout the entire rehabilitation path. When, for example, the patient completes the training programme or feels pain, an automatic notification is sent to the professional’s management system.

Motivating and rewarding

Kari uses biofeedback technology and integration with the sensor to simplify the execution of the exercises and the completion of the session, motivating the patient with an effective gamification mechanism based on scores, badges and prizes.

Guaranteed and discreet

The protected information collection system integrated in Kari protects the sensitive data of the patient and the professional, stores them in a cloud with restricted access and processes them in full compliance with the European standards for the protection of user data (GDPR – Regulation 2016 / 679).


Among your patients, who can use Kari?

Kari method is:


Kari was specifically designed for remote rehabilitation. The patient just needs to follow the instructions provided by the app, wear the sensor that will measure his movements and start training, with the constant monitoring by the movement professional.


Kari uses biofeedback technology and integration with the sensor to simplify the execution of the exercises and the completion of the session, motivating the patient with an effective gamification mechanism based on scores, badges and prizes.


Kari has an ever-expanding library of more than 250 specific exercises for balance, spinal column, lower and upper limbs, for orthopedics (knee and hip replacements, ACL reconstruction, ankle-foot injuries, shoulder and elbow fractures…), neurology (Parkinson’s, post-stroke, multiple sclerosis…) and sports.


Using a cloud-based web-management system, professionals administer and update personalised exercise-therapy programmes to their patients and monitor their results and progress remotely and at all times.


In addition to the patient’s clinical data, the contents of the video calls and chat that take place in Kari are also stored in a protected environment and accessible only to the professional.


Before starting the training session, Kari reminds the patient which tools are needed to carry out the exercises and suggests any alternative objects or reserve exercises.

Go Kari now and achieve your therapeutic goals:


Kari is particularly effective for orthopedic and neurological patients, and for sport rehabilitation and reactivation.


Kari is also a suitable solution for users interested in working on prevention and maintenance.

Corporate welness

Kari also offers controlled and engaging programs to companies interested in offering corporate wellness programs to their human resources.

Kari is great for:

Rehabilitation: go on at home

For those patients able to continue rehabilitation at home, Kari allows Physiotherapists and Sport Sciences Experts to configure an exercise-therapy path and to constantly monitor the results.


Prevent falls and pathologies

Research has shown for many years how proper exercise can alleviate and even solve vestibular problems related to balance. Kari proposes a series of exercises to improve balance, strength and mobility.

Overcoming sports injuries

Remotely follow patients’ rehabilitation path? Not only. Kari also offers controlled and engaging programs to athletes/sportsmen and women who need to recover their routine and their athletic gestures.


Kari comes with:

An access to the web management software for the professional

A tablet with a dedicated training web app for the patient

Elastic bands and a bluetooth and rechargeable sensor

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