Santagostino integrates Euleria’s devices into its clinics

Santagostino chooses Euleria to introduce digital rehabilitation with Riablo and Kari among the services deliverable at its 31 medical centers in Italy

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Santagostino has chosen Euleria as a partner to introduce digital rehabilitation among their 31 innovative medical centers in Italy.

“Starting in May 2021, at Santagostino in Milano Santa Sofia you can learn about and test the technology of Riablo and Kari from Euleria devices. Among the tests available are lower limb performance testing and, for older individuals, fall risk assessment.”

Santagostino | News

With this news, disseminated by a joint press release, Santagostino and Euleria are inaugurating open days at the Santa Sofia facility in Milan; the entire community of patients and visitors to the Milan area are thus invited to try out the most advanced technologies for in-clinic and remote rehabilitation. Santagostino, in fact, has chosen Euleria as a partner to introduce digital rehabilitation among the services that can be provided at its 31 medical centers in Italy; the open days in May 2021 celebrated the beginning of a collaboration that aims to Integrate traditional physical therapy with an interactive, immersive, and certified large-scale digital rehabilitation offering.

Santagostino: specialist services at affordable prices

Active since 2009, the Santagostino is now a network of 31 multi-specialty outpatient clinics present in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Brescia, Sesto San Giovanni, Buccinasco, Rho, Monza, Nembro and Vigevano. This is the first network in Italy to experiment with a healthcare model that balances affordable rates with high quality and offers specialist visits in physiotherapy, psychotherapy, dentistry, radiology and diagnostic imaging. That’s not all: all Santagostino centers are open Monday through Saturday on a continuous basis and, in some cities, they also operate on Sundays.

“The Santagostino provides a business and organizational model that is unique in Italy, putting the interest of users before financial return, ensuring capped rates in all specialties, without compromising on quality.”

Santagostino | The business model

Santagostino thus works to protect users’ need for high-level, affordable specialty medicine that is able to offer health care services even for those areas that are less reimbursable by the SSN (including, precisely, rehabilitation) where, therefore, clinical supply is almost entirely private and on average very expensive.

But an equally important goal of the Santagostino’s outpatient clinics is to “respond to the relational needs of the person, fostering the establishment of a good doctor-patient relationship based on listening and trust“; it is especially in this context that the partnership with Euleria, which shares with Santagostino the strong customer-oriented mission, is situated.

Santagostino and Euleria: from meeting to collaboration

“Forty-five days: the time from the very first phone call between me and Andrea Porcu (Managing Director at Centro Medico Santagostino, ed.) to the signing of an agreement with Euleria to digitize physical therapy. A real, detailed, negotiated agreement, with two Italian companies willing to build together and join forces to help patients and professionals. An agreement that shows that when things are wanted, they are done, even quickly. Needless to say, how proud we are to work with the Santagostino, a true Italian excellence that is changing the rules of the game in the world of health care. Kind of like what we are trying to do in rehabilitation and digitaltherapeutics: we couldn’t not meet. Starting on Saturday, May 8, we will begin with the first open day of evaluations with Riablo and then move to home with Kari.”

David Tacconi | CEO @Euleria

Along all Saturdays in May 2021, Santagostino Medical Center users were able to book a free screening at the Milan Santa Sofia location for:

  • conduct a physical assessment with Riablo specific to their needs, such as fall risk testing for frail individuals, or lower extremity performance testing for athletic individuals;
  • To explore the possibilities of remote rehabilitation as a treatment solution and therapeutic continuum with Kari.

The users involved? Sportsmen, elderly individuals and patients of all ages, but also caregivers and users interested in a demonstration mode of digital rehabilitation physiotherapy solutions for themselves or their family members, friends and caregivers.

The Milan experience is a preliminary phase of Kick Off, in which Santagostino professionals received technical training on the use of Euleria devices and patients underwent free screening.

The next phases, of Go Live Milan and Roll-Out, will see an extension of the digital rehabilitation service to the other centers in Italy.

All the faces of a collaboration designed for the patient

Over the course of the Milan days, a staff of physical therapists, physicians and motor rehabilitation specialists welcomed patients to the Santagostino Plus facility, which is equipped with two gyms with specific equipment for functional recovery and exercise therapy:

Supporting them was the team of Biomedical Engineers, PhDs in Sport Science, and Quality Managers from Euleria, who worked alongside the Santagostino staff during the screenings with Riablo, the Kari induction process, and the operational organization of the weeks before and after.

While the technical staff focused on the preparation of the open days and the delivery of screenings to patients, the Santagostino Project Management and Communications teams cooperated with Euleria in managing the organizational phases and packaging the press launch, respectively:

Santagostino: patients going through with the screening.

Both Euleria and Santagostino would also like to thank here each of the 50 patients who, as of today have devoted time and enthusiasm to screening with Riablo and getting to know Kari in gyms at Santagostino Santa Sofia in Milan.

The trend noted so far outlines a portrait of an average user of varying ages, not necessarily already a rehabilitation patient, digitized, curious, responsive to the offers he or she receives via email, and genuinely interested in experiencing low-cost innovation in digital rehabilitation and telerehabilitation.

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